SOLISTERRA is the best place to hide

SOLISTERRA is the best place to hide

SOLISTERRA - hide in style

Solisterra is an amazing (and very unique) place to experience a beautiful communion with nature. 

The villas are architect designed for you to connect with your family and friends. 

While hiding.. you can have fun at Solisterra

Solisterra is a vast domain with a private lake, fun trails, forests, berry picking, a private access to a bicycle trail. 

In short it is perfect for agoraphobics and the criminally minded.

SOlisterra is a year round destination

  • Each villa in on its own sandy beach (no need to share)
  • AND the lake is a skating rink during the winter
  • Rosa has a sauna and Pinea has a hot tub - BOTH are glorious fun during the winter
  • 80 km trail crosses the domain - ideal for running or cycling (fall and summer) AND snowmobiling (winter).
  • You like downhill skiing: Mont Ste-Marie is nearby.

Everything is included, just bring groceries and friends!